As the keystone of our business, we specialize in selling properties quickly and capture the equity for the investor.

Fundamentally, securing a sale for your property comes down to pricing. If you list too high, most sellers will ultimately accept lower offers because they turned away prospective buyers. Whereas if you list too low, you leave money on the table.

Our business model hinges on our ability to price a house correctly, selling it quickly and maximizing returns. Because of this, we are experts in market trends, pricing properties to sell quickly while yielding the highest returns.

But an incredibly valuable, yet often overlooked, tool sellers need in their realtor is the ability to wisely negotiate. The SoCal Premier Properties Team has experienced negotiators in the business, which for sellers means the ability to justify their cost with buyers agents, negotiate repairs or who covers closing costs. Ultimately, having the top negotiator on your side will save you money in the final transaction.