We have team members that have Experience.
We have been asked for years to partner with individuals as part of their investment strategy. Before opening up an opportunity to other investors, we wanted to prove the model successfully for several years.
 Most individuals who are not currently investing in real estate have not done so because they either do not have the time to invest, the knowledge how to navigate the process, evaluate the legal considerations, or are not up to date with current market trends.

We bring our Team expertise and  provide investor, acquisition advice to guide you through this process, helping evaluate properties, navigate the acquisition, implement cost effective enhancements to increase equity.

 Fundamentally, our proven system and outcomes speak for us. We approach each home with individual research and experience. Understanding the fine details and future value of the property as an investment is important. We use local broker knowledge to achieve the best possible insight. .We profile for the  highest and the best use and to then work to truly enhance the property, focusing on creating both aesthetic and efficient homes. Additionally we have created a proprietary ROI evaluation tool and calculate all the known financial factors into the equation.  We develop a  budget of cost and time for the revitalization and then follow a plan to execute and achieve desired results.